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Solutions For Individual Donors

Be part of the change.

Now is an exciting time to do work in Alaska. But where to start? At Alaska Venture Fund, we make it easy with decades of local experience, cross-sector connections, and trusted relationships across the state. We have the people, network and solutions to support your vision.

Solutions that help you realize your vision.

It’s brave and bold to invest in Alaska. The individual donors we partner with have the vision and ambition to see the unique potential of this amazing place. We work closely with our donors, offering personalized funding opportunities and rich learning experiences to help them familiarize themselves with local dynamics and extend the impact of their gift.

Alaska Native artist with his young son
Alaska Native artist with his young son

Portfolio Management

Alaska Venture Fund has extensive portfolio management, grants administration, and strategic grantmaking experience. Working in close collaboration with communities and individual donors, we provide a customized level of support through the granting process to ensure that your gift has a meaningful impact on the issues you care most deeply about.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

For individual donors who want to learn more about Alaska, we offer curated trips, designed around your interests, that provide first-hand insights into the issues and opportunities on the ground. This is your chance to meet local leaders who are doing transformational work within their communities.

Philanthropic Advisory Services

Sharing deep local knowledge and connections to on-the-ground talent, we help turn values and vision into culturally appropriate, high-impact investments. Services include landscape research, gift planning, technical assistance, and personalized funding recommendations.

Project Development

With our local connections and knowledge, as well as the strategic and back-office support necessary to turn an idea into an initiative. We scale impact by breaking through silos and finding bold solutions through partnerships that bridge sectors and issues.

Donor Collaboratives

At Alaska Venture Fund we create opportunities for collective giving, coordinating multiple donors around a shared priority to amplify impact and tackle complex challenges. Other opportunities for donor collaboration through Alaska Venture Fund include giving circles and pooled giving opportunities.

Alaskan musher with dog team
Alaskan musher with dog team

Untold opportunities.

Alaska is poised to become the model for a sustainable future. Our rich cultural heritage and biodiversity, incredible carbon reserves, and abundant renewable resources offer untold opportunities.

Why Alaska?

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