An Alaskan man lifting his son in the sunshine
For Social Change Leaders

Setting big ideas into motion.

Social change leaders have big plans for Alaska. To get them there, we provide administrative and operational support, access to an extensive network of advisors, and the expertise they need to forge ahead.

Solutions that accelerate your impact.

For social change leaders on a mission, Alaska Venture Fund is here with customized support, connections, tools, and backing to accelerate your vision.

Woman weaving cedar bark Southeast Alaska
Woman weaving cedar bark Southeast Alaska

Project Incubation

We provide the infrastructure and strategic guidance you need to realize your vision and build an effective organization.

Collaborative Initiatives

Through our extensive network of local change leaders and funders, Alaska Venture Fund can help you identify new partners or convene cross-sector collaborators.

Advisory Services

Alaska Venture Fund acts as your thought partner, sharing knowledge, technical expertise, and access to a network that can help you find the talent and resources your initiative needs to thrive.

Project Hosting

We provide access to back-office and administrative services so change leaders can operate efficiently and with less risk, to focus on their mission.

Woman lifting tent to sky in the mountains
Woman lifting tent to sky in the mountains

Where bold ideas take off.

Through our ventures, we are strengthening Alaskan communities, the environment, and the economy, together.

Our Ventures

Alaska Venture Fund Partnerships

The Alaska Venture Fund is a philanthropic fund dedicated to a sustainable future for Alaska and all Alaskans. AVF is fiscally sponsored by the New Venture Fund, a nationwide platform that makes it efficient and cost-effective to launch and operate charitable projects. Fiscal sponsors enable nonprofit coalitions and projects to accept tax-deductible contributions without the expense of building the infrastructure of an entirely new organization. Talented nonprofit leaders are freed of operational burdens while gaining best-in-class administrative, accounting, legal, and nonprofit compliance services as well as excellent benefits for employees. That means more return and more impact for every donor dollar.

Through our relationship with the New Venture Fund, the Alaska Venture Fund extends these same services to promising and innovative partnerships, coalitions, and for-benefit enterprises created and driven by Alaskans in the pursuit of a sustainable future. Just as projects at the New Venture Fund are distinct, Alaska Venture Fund Partnerships are separate projects shaped by their own individual project leadership and non-fiduciary advisory councils. Each Alaska Venture Fund Partnership is responsible for its own program content and fundraising.

The Alaska Venture Fund only supports partnership projects that adhere to our principles and that represent strong investments in a sustainable future for Alaska and all Alaskans.

New Venture Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Alaska Venture Fund is a project of the New Venture Fund.

To learn more about the benefits of fiscal sponsorship with New Venture Fund, click here.

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