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Every day at AVF, we’re channeling our passion for Alaska’s potential into work to create a brighter, more sustainable future. Below, we share perspectives on Indigenous leadership in sustainability and the potential for transformation in Alaska’s economic model and its biggest electrical grid. We also remember great friends of Alaska Venture Fund who have passed away but whose impact on Bristol Bay and the state will endure for generations. 

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The Alaska Venture Fund Team

Alaska Venture Fund - News & Views

Project updates, stories and perspectives that inspire our work.

AVF Perspective: Reimagining the Values of Natural Capital in a “Resource State” 
Though Alaska’s modern economy was built on the value of extracting and exporting its natural resources, AVF Partner and Chief Strategy Officer Erin Harrington argues that it is time to pursue opportunities to create economic value and generate financial returns by using our natural assets in place. Read more about a paradigm shift for natural capital in Alaska here.
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Spotlight: The Impact of Legacy Giving in Bristol Bay
“She loved the people, independence and fishing.” Our work to protect Bristol Bay recently received a generous bequest from the estate of a woman who spent decades fishing in the region and who loved it deeply. Read more about the impact of planned giving and Jamie O’Day’s passion for Bristol Bay here.
Two women packaging wild-caught game meat
In the News: Bristol Bay Sustainability Summit
“What we’re trying to achieve isn’t impossible. It already was. We come from perfection.” AVF Partner AlexAnna Salmon’s powerful keynote speech in Dillingham centered sustainability as a traditional Indigenous practice and value. “This is our state. We’re the only people with an inherent right to our lands and waters. We have a proven track record. We have never diminished our resources. We have stood the test of time.”
Remembering Verner Stor Wilson III:
Bristol Bay Next Generation Leader 
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We are heartbroken by the passing of Verner Wilson. His legacy will be one of fierce activism and love for his community. “Verner Wilson brought incredible passion, courage and commitment to protecting the lands, waters, and people he held dear. People across many communities in the Bristol Bay region, across the state of Alaska, and nationally and abroad have been touched by his work,” said Erin Dovichin, AVF Managing Partner. AVF, United Tribes of Bristol Bay and partners will be working with Verner’s family to hold a remembrance and celebration for Verner in Anchorage. Please reach out for more information.
Remembering Gordon Moore
Man with hat sits in front of a cabin in the sunshine with an open book.Gordon Moore, who passed away at the end of March, transformed our world with the development of the silicon chip. Here in Alaska, his foundation – the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation – has also been transformative with very significant, long-term investments in conserving wild salmon ecosystems and Arctic marine systems over two decades. In particular, his foundation played a pivotal role in the campaign to protect Bristol Bay. “We lost an absolute giant of a man – a brilliant mind with the deepest humility and commitment to future generations,” said Erin Dovichin. “It was a privilege to work for him at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and to be trusted with his foundation’s investments in the Alaska Venture Fund. His foresight and philanthropic leadership will continue to benefit all of us here in Alaska for generations to come.” Read more about Gordon Moore’s life and impact here.
From Across Alaska
News, articles, events, videos and more.
Justice40 - Environmental Justice Investments: Across the country, the Justice40 Initiative – President Biden's effort to direct federal climate investment to underserved communities – has been running up against 'project readiness' challenges. In Alaska, AVF is using investment from the Bezos Earth Fund and other resources to help rural communities overcome these barriers by resourcing local capacity-building, investing in next-generation leaders, and convening Indigenous leaders to reimagine how programs and policy can be better designed to ensure communities of all sizes can access the resources and technical support they need.

New Federal & Philanthropic Funding for Alaska Native Co-Stewardship: The U.S. Department of the Interior recently announced that $16 million from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law would be directed to support ecosystem resilience and salmon conservation efforts in Alaska’s Yukon, Kuskokwim and Norton Sound region. These funds, which are part of the Gravel to Gravel Keystone Initiative, were generously matched by our friends at Native Americans in Philanthropy and will supplement and leverage the amazing ongoing work of Alaska Venture Fund grantees Yukon River Drainage Fisheries Association, AYK Tribal Consortium and Kawerak, among others.

Point of View - Modernizing Alaska’s Railbelt Grid: This op-ed by Gov. Mike Dunleavy and co-authored with Doug Tansy of the IBEW, reveals the momentum behind new forms of energy for Alaska. Calling for focused effort to modernize Alaska’s main electrical transmission grid, the governor points to wind, hydro, solar, and tidal in his list of energy generation opportunities that can drive the future of our state – economically and for power generation. Here at Alaska Venture Fund, we see grid investments like these as key to Alaska’s energy transition.
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