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Lisa Amaniq Shield

Team Member
Community Wildfire Resilience & Workforce Coordinator

Lisa Amaniq Shield brings decades of fire safety and public education experience and a unique cultural perspective to her role at Alaska Venture Fund. Lisa is from Selawik, was raised in Kotzebue, and lived for many years in Unalaska. Although she is not biologically Iñupiaq, her many elders and family have made it clear that she is “theirs,” and raised her deeply immersed in their culture and values.

Lisa has worked internationally and in partnership with over 150 Alaska communities, and her impact extends far beyond technical fire safety support. Through listening to the needs of rural Alaskans, she has helped develop and tailor rural fire training programs for isolated communities across Alaska. Her commitment to community care extends beyond fire protection, and includes work supporting children and families experiencing violence and suicide. Lisa is committed to bridging cultural divides and building strong partnerships to ensure the safety and well-being of rural Alaska communities. Her holistic approach to fire protection centers community strength and resiliency.

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